“To Be or Not To Be” kinda situation

Our neighbours are supposedly in this state of mind right now..!

I do not understand what is happening – either the country should co-operate in the name of terrorism or they should say they will not.

Earlier this week, they assured Indian Govt of their co-operation and now they say this “Pak warns of war, won’t hand over terror suspects”

Read this article http://ibnlive.in.com/news/pak-ready-for-war-wont-hand-over-terror-suspects/80203-2.html and you would wonder what kind of reaction you would want to show..!

This thing – war with Pakistan – that is been going since our independence – is gone way too far now. Our democrats need to make a firm decision and they have to go ahead with that. Since peace-talks did not give any results, a better solution to this needs to be planned. How far will innocent citizens or troops will die for a cause that two countries took 52 years to even plan???

Now, i thought I am bad at planning….!!!! Come on, this is not some child’s play, here we are talking about the lives, peace of the innocent that is being at stake.

Enough is enough, we need change and we the citizens of India will not go ahead with the same kinda crap for another one more year…!

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