Uncertainities ahead – few things you can do

With such an unpredictable markets all aorund the world, we need to be very careful on our spending too. These arent the toughest choices we have to make, but the most easy ones that will definitely help us as well as the environment.

Reading a few articles here and there, i have made a list of somethings that will definitely help us cut our monthly expenditure.

– shop less, buy from a wholesale market if necessary.
– car-pool or travel by public transport where ever necessary as this will help you spend more on the fuel as well the environment will be pollution-free.
– plan for not-so-expensive vacation.
– save on elecrticity – switch off your electrical appliances when not in use – less electricity bill and more eco-friendly.
– eat at home and not at resturants quite often – as read in an article, eating outside is a daily expense that can be cut-short by eating at home.
– think twice to buy anything that is expensive and not a bare-necessity. i know this is a tough decision to take – specially when you like something and want to buy it cos it looks good on you or with you, but if you a small sacrifice today, there wont be any chance to make big sarcifies tomorrow.

These may look preachy, one may ask – do i take care of these myself – yes, sir i do. ‘
there was a time where i never used to think twice about my spending per month, but due to uncertainites clearly visible and more uncertanities ahead, i made a decision as to cut down on my expenses.
i suggest, you to do the same so that you can be happy later on…! 🙂

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  1. Thank you. I realise that I eat out a lot and carries the bulk of my expense.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. 100% true…. ellaru idanna artha maadkondre olledu…. deshakke matte avaravarige…. Naanu saadyavadashtu prayatna maadtini….

  3. just a helping hand – lessons learnt are shared. 🙂
    thank you for coming by my blog. keep reading.


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