US Presidential Polls – 3 days to go !!!

Almost everywhere you see the news about the US Presidential Polls are the HOT NEWS.

I will admit that when ever i see any poilitics making the cover page news (almost every other day it is the cover page news), i tend not to read the newspaper at all..! Because of the fact that politics is such a thing where you do not want to believe the candidates for all the promises they make and in the end, they are the ones who break. For I have always been neutral towards politics and never got any urge to write about it but today when Presidential elections is round the corner and i couldn’t resist my temptation to write about it.

Today, to be very frank, US Presidential Candidate┬áBarack Hussein Obama caught my attention – of course only when 3 days are left for the polls.

Till date, the polls say that Obama is within reach of becoming the most influential and most powerful person in the entire world – President of united States. But his arch-rival, hard core Republican John McCain, is few steps behind him.

What Makes Barak Obama so popular?

– He will be the first black president of US – first time in the American History.

– He is Lawyer, teacher, philanthropist, and author – which is very interesting, per say.

– In a website he says he is drawn to politics, despite its superficialities, as a means to advance his real passion and calling: community organization.” – but i wonder how well US will do in community organization?!

– He also says he wants to stand politics on its head, empowering citizens by bringing together the churches and businesses and banks, scornful grandmothers and angry young.

– “Three major doubts have been raised,” he said. “The first is whether in today’s political environment–with its emphasis on media and money–a grass-roots movement can even be created. Will people still answer the call of participatory politics?

“Second,” Obama said, “many believe that the country is too racially polarized to build the kind of multiracial coalitions necessary to bring about massive economic change.

“Third, is it possible for those of us working through the Democratic Party to figure out ways to use the political process to create jobs for our communities?”

There are many other points that Obama says that he will do and he will take care of, if he becomes the president, but trust me that doesn’t make me vote for him if i were an American citizen – because we indians have seen many candidates like him who would talk and just do nothing. But of course the difference is we are talking about the US. ­čÖé

In both the candidates, if you ask me who is the best at the moment – it would be Barack Obama, of course, he is young energetic and enthusiastic and definitely will make a change to the current conditions. But if you ask me is the Shepard to lead the others to the better ground – no, US has to wait for the right person. I may be wrong in judging him, but all i can see only good loads of promises being made at the moment.

I came across this you tube video where he talks about his plans in 2008. In this video, i could the drive that he usually talks about doing something – in his eyes. The video also┬átells me if he becomes the president then he will definitely do something about the up-bringing of the other communities – such as blacks, Asians etc in America and also all around the globe.

Whatever it is – i would say – i am in support of Barack Obama – for sure i believe in him changing a few things across US and the world. But he has the biggest challenge – to face the majority of racists who feel the colored are not better than the whites. If he wins, then the racism may get dissolved.

So with all the ups and downs and with all the promises and all, i rate Mr. Barack Hussein Obama – 4 1/2 out of 5 – the better candidate among┬áthe others.

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  1. But ofcourse, we cannot miss the Bradley Effect here.


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