This is a very nice link I found in Reuters – gallery of pictures based on a theme -Water.


Looking at all the pictures, first of all, superb snaps 🙂 and secondly, I could see many sights where water (being an important integral part of life) being utilised in many different ways. There are many such situations where people are making an effort to save water – these are the people who are not blessed with drinking water on daily purpose; people who make a living with selling water – that is the snap that stuck me the most – a woman waiting to sell water to a group of boys near the playground; and some filling water from a half dried pond/well where there is no water left.

My mother always says – ” you will know the importance of something only when you do not have it when you need it the most”. In our cities/countries, we see water in abundance, getting wasted as some one of us have forgotten to close the running tap, but look at these snaps and you will realise the importance of it.

water.jpgNext time before you even think of wasting the bottle of water that you bought from a shop – think – think about the people who don’t even get a glass of water to drink for days.


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  1. First test for you: Did you leave water running or not while you are brushing or not? If yes, you are wasting water and if No is your answer you are a good girl.

  2. 😀
    LOLs. i dont prefer wasting water or any other natural resource…


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