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I am not fat ok. 🙂 that’s the first and the last thing that I will tell you if you call me fat. I am a 5’ 2’’ girl with a few extra kilos (I would say in the range of 5-7kgs) in me. for that the whole wide world whomever I know ever in my life would at me and then pass all kinds of statements – “you are not fat ok but you need to reduce here and there, but not much don’t worry” or “you are fat you are fat: Hey I was just joking and come on why don’t you take jokes in the same manner” or “you are appropriate but please don’t become more fat than this”


Joke? More Fat than this? Not fat but need to reduce?

 Hmmmmmmm…. I give a big sigh, not bother about what people say and then move on.

I cannot cut down on my diet – it doesn’t mean I eat all junk – no I eat healthy food, eat fruits and drink juices. I cannot go on a strict diet since I feel this is the age to eat and merry. After I get old what will I eat? 🙂


I used to go for yoga classes 6 months back and then I had reduced little and due to my job change I hardly used to get time to even exercise at home.


Then one fine day (that is couple of days back) I made up mind, I said ok I need to reduce those extra kilos.

 So joined the gym in my office – early morning hours to work out and then get back to work in the same building. (I know people who know me are applauding right now, since some of them had literally begged me to do a work out and come back to shape 😀 thank you thank you!!!)

So I joined the gym, with the purpose of reducing. But no matter what I cannot cut down my diet – I shall eat and drink the same amount as I used to do before but run a few minutes on the thread-mill 🙂

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  1. Hey, reduce weight here and there Ha ha ha ha. So are you in shape now. And please remember round is also a shape !!

  2. Wow…. thats the comment that i havent got till now…! thanks 😉
    yeah i am working out and i am getting back to the normal shape… 😀


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