What i did last week…

I was sick almost the whole of last week and i happened to catch some nice movies at home – i know i should be sleeping and taking rest – but when i am tired of sleeping i did watch some english movies on star movies and saw a hindi movie in a theatre.

To tell you frankly, these movies were really nice and heart-touching – i basically dont see movies that are disturbing and that will keep me thinking for, like a week perhaps.

So, coming to the point, when some movies are made in Hollywood, or bollywood, once the movie is finished you would still sit back and smile to yourself that your time was well used. Some movies really entertain you and some really makes you think and wonder.

First movie that i saw was “Dear Frankie” – this movie is about a nine year old kid named Frankie and his mom Lizzie – stay in a Scottish town and the storyย  is about how Lizzie protects her son from knowing the truth about being run away from his dad by replying to all the letters written by Frankie to his dad. It is a real heart warming simple movie that revolves around the family and how Lizzie struggles to keep the truth away from his deaf-son Frankie by saying that his dad is away at sea. But when the ship docks near their town she also hires a “dad” to please Frankie. A very nice simple movie that you could catch on any day.

Second movie that i saw was “Chestnut”ย  – this is a story about two orphan girls – Sal and Ray – who rescue a puppy from the streets while staying at an orphanage. Then they get adopted and move to New York City along with this puppy Chestnut – their father is allergic to cats and dogs and they keep Chestnut as a secret. They take care of the dog, feed it and then take it to the park – all keeping a secret from parents !! As any expected movie runs – the parents get to know about the dog – by then the puppy isn’t a puppy anymore but a “Great Dane” ๐Ÿ™‚ and they dont want to keep it, then the elder kid runs away from home along with the dog, then there is a search team, no one finds her and the dog for a day or two, then the dog recognises the robbers who plan to rob the girls’ building, follows them to the building and then the robbers are caught in their act with the help of the dog. All this may sound boring but the picturisation is pretty cute and the most cutest character is the dog.

Then i saw these hindi movies – Mitya and Dostana.

Mitya is one kind of a movie where you would wonder “what the hell happened”. It is not a disturbing movie but a nice story woven around a wannabe actor who falls into prey of mafia, falls in love with a girl in the mafia group, loses memory completely and gets killed by the same mafia gang in the end. A nice movie indeed but in the end one would definitely feel bad for the main character.

And lastly, dostana is a good movie, acc my rating, it is a one time watch with 3/5 rating. Had loads of fun watching the movie in a theatre where the entire crowd would sit back and laugh the heart out…

And now i am in office – still not well ๐Ÿ™‚ i blame it on the bad weather in Bangalore…!!!! So you could expect some regular blogging from now on..!!


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  1. Hmmm good to hear tat u did get time to watch movies ๐Ÿ™‚
    If u havent watched “The Shawshank Redemption”, pls do watch it.. it is still the no. 1 movie in the list of the greatest movie ever rated in IMDB.

    Take care..

  2. yeah, i have been searching for this movie “Shawshank Redemption” a lot as i have heard very good reviews about it too…
    One more movie that i saw – “Good Will hunting” – good movie again..!
    thanks for your comments.
    Keep reading.
    Cheers, Su


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