What worries me is this…!!!

Whao! 2 posts in a day, pls dont think i am all josh-ed up to write more.

Nah ! Nein ! No ! Dont worry, I wont trouble you like this – again, as always anything that makes me stop my routine and think deeply, i need to share it or make a note of it somewhere, so i blog, no matter it is 2 posts per day or 10 posts….

I came across an article which talks about the long-awaited layoffs have begun in yahoo and as i browsed to Jerry Yang’s blog spot, i could see the comments from many people.

And you would not believe, that people are arguing, commenting, complaining about Jerry Yang’s writing style that he doesnt use capitalised letters where ever necessary.

Well, hmmmmm…..!!! What can i say now? I have no words for it at all.
In fact, if you ask me if you had got a chance to read his mail to his company colleagues (without the comments per say), you would not bother about this writing styles, but get worried about the lay-offs that are happening more seriously in many companies and IT IS SCARRY…!!!!!!
I mean, people do not have major things to worry about – but they can worry about the writing skills of a guy who shows concern to his employees. Ok, i agree, he is a company’s CEO, but there are other things to worry about right????!!!!???



It worries me if you ask, worries me big time….!

P.S: And i am not talking about the writing style of anyone but something else…!

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